Loved every moment of my Kauai adventure with Bear. A once in a lifetime experience learning to surf in such a beautiful location. Bear was patient and understanding when it came to teaching the inexperienced, such as myself. His knowledge, skill and expert guidance meant by the end, I was able to surf without much help! I am definitely returning! Thanks Bear for such an amazing time!

– Ai Li Yeo

My family visited Kauai in March 2014 and we were fortunate enough to meet Bear!

– Corey Black

Bear was my first surf instructor of a string of, now, 3. I have now taken surfing classes in Kauai, Nicaragua, and the Galapagos. I can say that after all of these experiences, I feel confident in Bear’s surf instruction skills. Not only is he a great surfer, he is a quality teacher. There are so many things that stood out to me. Teaching safety principles is his first priority, and I greatly appreciated this as they never lose importance. He is patient, considerate, honest (or so I think), and very attentive. He helps you build on your skills in steps, and he does not expect you to just jump right in there and do it on your own after a few assisted runs. These are all things that I have come to really appreciate. I enjoyed my time surfing with Bear. If I ever become more serious about learning to surf, I will most definitely head back to Kauai to enlist his help.

– Kara Denny (Minneapolis, MN)

Bear and this place made me think differently about life-health-training.

– Ore Michaelo

“Bear is such a great teacher. He is patient, attentive and kind. He makes you progress step by step, so that you always feel safe while having fun. And before you know it, you’re out paddling and catching a wave (almost) on your own! I’ve also learned a lot more than surfing, as, throughout the lessons, Bear shares a lot on the Island and its history.”

– Valerie, Geneva (Switzerland)